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2013 Annual Report


What is ActivTrax?

ActivTrax is a web-based system designed to deliver you a customized fitness routine. Each workout routine is built around your goals, strength and fitness experience. With ActivTrax, you’ll receive a completely new and customized workout each time you visit the Y. And from home, ActivTrax also provides you with an online nutrition and weight management tool to help keep your diet on track. ActivTrax eliminates intimidation, confusion and boredom and makes exercising much easier.

Who is ActivTrax right for?

Anyone interested in exercising and/or weight management! Whether you are new to exercise and need guidance or have been exercising for years and could use a little variety, ActivTrax can help you meet your fitness goals!

How do I get started?

  • Stop by our Member Services office or call to make an appointment with one of our certified Healthy Lifestyle Instructors.
  • During your appointment, take a quick 5 step patented strength test to determine the correct amount of weight you should use for each piece of equipment and answer a few questions from your Healthy Lifestyle Instructor about your fitness experience, goals and preferences.
  • Review your workout with your Instructor and get started!
  • Enter your workout information after each workout and ActivTrax will use the results to create your next workout! (Workouts can be printed and logged from home, your smart phone or at the ActivTrax Kiosk on the 3rd floor.

Burbank Community YMCA
Child Devlopment Center

The Burbank Community YMCA Child Development Center provides a loving, stimulating environment where children discover, explore, experiment and grow at their own pace.

Because healthy living is at the heart of everything the Y does, only healthy snacks based on whole foods and fresh produce are provided. And with the all the many other programs available at the Y, children can enjoy extra-curricular activities…like ballet, gymnastics, swimming and basketball...on-site.

For more information, stop by our Child Development Center office (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm) call 818.562.5461 or email daniel@burbankymca.org

naeyc logo

Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children(NAEYC)

License# 191290631

For toddlers 18-30 months and preschoolers 2 – 5-3/4 years • 7am-6pm

Curriculum is play-based and child-centered with a strong emphasis on developmentally appropriate practices. Each class has a schedule that includes large group, small group and individual activities offered in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Teacher/child Ratios

Group AgeRatio
Toddlers 18-30 months4:1
Preschoolers 2 years6:1
Preschoolers 2-1/2 years-pre-K 8:1

License# 198010530

Before & after-school enrichment for K-5th graders • 7am-6:30pm
After-school enrichment for middle schoolers in grades 6-8 • 3pm-6:30pm

Curriculum offers homework time, creative art, outdoor games, sports, science and free-choice time. Special-interest clubs, such as theater and cooking, designed to fit the interests of the children are also offered.

Teacher/child Ratio 10:1

Annual Registration Fee
All Programs (not refundable or pro-ratable) $125
Monthly Tuition
Toddler $1,095
Preschool $895
(both before/after school enrichment)
(before school enrichment only)
(after school enrichment only)
Grades 1-5
(before school enrichment only)
Grades 1-5
(after school enrichment only)
Grades 1-5
(both before/after school enrichment)
Grades 6-8
(after school enrichment only)
Additional Fees
Return Payment Fee $25 per return
Late Payment Fee (tuition paid after the 10th) $50 per transaction
Late Pick Up Fees $25-$100 per incident
Failure to notify for "No Pick Up" (School Age only) $5.00 per incident

Financial Scholarships Available. Please inquire at the CDC office for details.