321 E. Magnolia Blvd.

M-F: 5:30am‑10pm

Sat: 7am‑6:30pm

Sun: 9am‑5pm

Burbank Community YMCA

Group Exercise

Being healthy means more than simply being physically active. It's about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body. The Y is a place where you can work toward that balance through participating in our group exercise classes, fostering connections with friends, or bringing your loved ones closer together through our many family-centered activities. At the Y, It's not about the activity you choose as much as it is about the benefits of living healthy on the inside as well as the outside.

30 minutes kickboxing, 30 minutes upper body/abs, and 30 minutes of lower body toning. Class opens every 30 minutes for new participants.

A combination of cardio, strength, and agility drills to challenge all fitness levels.

Develop strength, power, speed, balance, coordination and endurance. This energetic workout includes shadow boxing, hang bags, speed bag, jump rope and calisthenics.

Use your body weight, light equipment and slow, controlled movements to push yourself to YOUR next level.

Cardio endurance, strength and flexibility are emphasized in this class. Great for beginners, but a guaranteed work out for all levels!

A fun fitness class that combines martial art techniques with fast paced cardio. Build stamina while you improve coordination & flexibility.

Get all the benefits of yoga with the assistance of a chair.

Use your body weight, light equipment and slow, controlled movements to push yourself to YOUR next level.

This class is perfect for cycle beginners

Gentle poses mix with breath work to stretch the body and ease the mind.

This class focuses on endurance, strength, intervals, higher intensity (race day) and recovery to motivating music. Come 15 minutes early as bikes are limited.

A mix of postures, dynamic breathing, chanting and meditating on mantras.

A combination of light dance and aerobic exercises to get you moving.

A mat work class which emphasizes abdominal strength and core stability while balancing the rest of the body.

Various exercises are performed to improve balance and coordination. Chairs can be used for support.

Calm your mind, settle your body, and find a softer focus to your day.

A high-energy, easy to learn, calorie burning, crazy-fun dance workout to Top 40 hits.

A great intro to Pilates.

A non stop, cardio fusion of standing Pilates, boxing, and dance that will push you past your limits.

Pilates, cardio barre, and yoga fusion all set to the hit songs of the day.

A combination of strength, mental focus, balance and sweat!

A fun seated dance class that lets you work out to your favorite tunes from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

A program designed for people with arthritis and similar conditions to increase strength and mobility. Exercise with the assistance of a chair

Learn how to increase your flexibility and recover from intense workouts.

Boost muscular strength and endurance utilizing weights, bands, balls, and your own body weight.