The Burbank Community YMCA Summer Day Camp is a full day camp offering fun, age appropriate, and engaging experiences to youth.  As an accredited summer day camp, the American Camp Association sets standards that force us to maintain quality and safety as we provide youth with the best summer ever!


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How do I register for camp?

Families can register online for camp and must register for whole sessions (4wks). Camp is broken down into three session. You can register for one session or all three.

What if I need to cancel after I register?

We understand life happens and many things are out of our control.  We require at least two weeks notice of cancelation to receive a full refund.  Anytime less than that, no refunds will be given.

What happens to tuition if camp is shut down due to Covid-19?

Tuition will not be refunded in the event of a shut down due to Covid-19.  It is very important to us to continue to provide staff with their regular salary during a shut down.  Your tuition allows us to do that.

How are campers grouped into camps?

Campers are grouped by age group into “clusters” based on grade.  Our Child development center has three “Camp Clusters”

Journey (TK/K)

Discovery (1st-2nd)

Explorer (3rd-5th)


“Camp Clusters” are no more than 14 campers and 2 Counselors.  LA County Guidance suggests siblings and members from the same household to be grouped together.  We will follow this suggestion to the best of our ability and based on the grade and age difference between siblings and household members.

Arrival and departure from camp.

Campers may be dropped off between 7:00am-9:00am and picked up anytime between 3:00pm-5:00pm.  This allows us ample time to ensure cleaning and sanitizing is completed as well as limiting the mixing of camp clusters, our preschool pods and the spreading of illness.

Campers and family members will be screened for signs of illness each drop off each day.  Campers can then say “bye” to mom or dad and be ready to have a fun filled day as they are escorted to their ‘cluster”  Any camper or family member displaying signs of illness consistent with Covid-19 will not be permitted to enter the facility and will be instructed to follow the LA County Pathways for contacts and isolation.

What should a camper bring each day?

Campers only need to bring snacks, lunch and water each day.  Please keep in mind we do not have a refrigerator or microwave for camper use.  We recommend ice packs and or thermos for maintaining the appropriate temperature for meals and snacks.

Younger campers are asked to bring an extra change of clothes. Accidents do happen and we want them to be prepared.

Campers may not bring electronic devices, stuffed animals, or any toys from home.  We will provide adequate supplies and individual cubby spaces to minimize sharing of high touch materials.

A face covering is required for all campers and must be worn at all times, with the exception of eating and drinking.

What will each day at camp look like?

Although camp may still look different this year, we promise they will still have just as much fun!  Campers will participate in at least multiple activities each day that range from outdoor activities, art, science and exploration.  Morning assembly will be done by each camp individually as opposed to our traditional large gathering.  Each ‘camp cluster’ will have a calendar emailed out indicating activities and weekly themes prior to camp.

Will there be swimming this summer?

According to current guidance, swimming is only permitted for outdoor pools.  Unfortunately, as of now, swimming will not be permitted this summer as our pool is indoors.  Of course if this changes, we will update our camp activities.

Campers can still have fun in the sun without a pool!  Water activities will still be planned according to each ‘camp cluster’ age and capabilities.  Your campers’ counselors will notify you in advance of any water activities and items to bring.

How do we communicate with our campers’ counselor?

In a typical summer, families and counselors would communicate at pick up or drop off.  Unfortunately, because county guidance requires us to limit visitors, we have to communicate through other avenues.  Therefore, each camp cluster will be assigned a group through the Remind App and will be able to view daily pictures, ask questions and so forth.  You will receive the invite information to the Remind App prior to camp.

What if someone from my campers cluster gets sick?

Any reported or prescreened signs of illness will be closely monitored and treated as follows:

  • Determine if symptoms are consistent with Covid-19
  • Refer family to seek medical guidance from their family practitioner
  • Follow LA County Pathways which include contact tracing, household closers and positive case reporting.

All families will be notified should there be a positive case of Covid-19 identified in a household and we will give you guidance at that time based on the circumstances at that time.  We will follow all LA County guidelines for sanitizing, cleaning and illness mitigation.

Are campers required to wear camp shirts?

Camp shirts are typically required when camp ventured out into the community on field trips.  They allowed camps to be color coordinating for safety and identification.  Plus they were fun and made campers feel special!

As of now, campers will not be required to wear a camp shirt, although we recommend it (we get messy).  We would love for campers to continue to wear their camp shirts if they have them.  We do have camp shirts available for purchase if you would like to purchase them at $12 a shirt.