Live Better. Live Stronger.

Our Strength & Sculpt program shifts your body into high gear through an intense muscle endurance and strength workout. In this fun, group class our skilled instructors motivate and keep you accountable along your sculpting journey.

Incorporating a variety of tools, such as stability balls, bands, weights and barre, this program will challenge you and reward you with a stronger, balanced more defined body.

Strength training is the only type of exercise that can maintain muscle and metabolism as we age.

Strength & Sculpt Includes:



A combination of upper body/ab workouts, cardio, and High Intensity Interval Training to increase calorie burn and improve muscular strength and endurance.


30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of upper body and core, and 30 minutes of lower body toning. Combination classes blend cardiovascular exercise with strength training and mat work to give you the ultimate well-rounded workout. Each segment of the class challenges you with a different exercise discipline, which is cross-training at its best. You'll get your heart pumping, burn calories, strengthen core muscles. Class opens every 30 mins.

Total Body Fitness

Boost muscular strength and endurance utilizing weights, bands, balls, and your own body weight. This strength-based class targets all of your major muscle groups. You’ll walk out of the room feeling strong and sore. With fun music and high-energy, you can condition, strengthen and tone! All levels are welcome.