Millions of people do Yoga exercise because they love what it does for the mind, body and spirit.


Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years across the world because it's a great way to build strength, stamina, and flexibility, without putting undue stress on the body. By meditating, focusing on your breath and stretching your muscles.

Yoga and meditation practice delivers unique and vital benefits which include increased energy levels, lower blood pressure, improved memory, better balance and sense of calm. 

Yoga classes include:


A journey into the fundamentals of Yoga. This class is for all fitness levels, it combines breathing techniques with balance and postural exercises. Wonderful for beginners, or for those looking for a basic, yet challenging mind and body workout. Leave with an overall sense of well-being.

Total Body Stretch

An excellent addition to any workout plan. Just like a massage, stretching helps break up knots in your muscles and releases tightness while optimizing recovery after workouts. Great for all ages. Remember to bring a towel and water bottle!