Elemental strength and mobility training using a variety of tools to enhance all aspects of balance. Designed for those with challenges to movement and stability or those new to exercise.

Focus on sustaining upright movement and successful stability. Classes offer exercises to improve cardiovascular function, balance, flexibility and strength with the purpose of making activities of daily living easier. 

Balance & Flexibility classes include:

Matter of Balance

A movement based training that works on balance, coordination, agility and functional strength. This class is based on evidence and has been shown to increase walking speed, decrease falls, improve sit to stand ability, and improve balance. We offer routines that remain seated, as well as routines that change positions.

Total Body Stretch

Total Body Stretch incorporates relaxation and stretching techniques to improve range of motion and posture and ward off injury. You will notice increased mobility, flexibility and improved muscle function leaving you feeling less tension and resistance.

Fit and Fall Proof

Fall Proof is an exercise based fall prevention program for adults that focuses on improving strength, mobility, and balance to reduce risk of falling. This theory-driven program has proven to be effective in reducing fall risk among older adults identified at moderate-to-high risk for falls. 

Roll It Out!

Foam rollers provided!

Muscles sore after your workout? Join our 30-minute foam roller class and improve flexibility, fitness performance and muscle function and balance.Taught by longtime YMCA Instructor JoDee G., this class is an excellent addition to any workout plan. Just like a massage, foam rolling helps break up knots in your muscles, releases tightness, while optimizing recovery after workouts. Great for all ages. Remember to bring a towel and water bottle.