Learn, Grow, Thrive

The Burbank Community YMCA partnered with the Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) to offer Learn, Grow, Thrive (LGT) - an innovative literacy, mathematics, and enrichment program to help close the achievement gap for children from low-income households at risk for academic failure in grades K-6.

What is Learn, Grow, Thrive?

LGT is a free, six-week, full-day academic/summer camp hybrid offering mathematics, reading, and science and technology lessons coupled with arts, crafts, swimming, and summer fun. BUS selects Title 1 school children for participation in LGT who are performing at a full grade level below their peers.

Learning Loss Affects Our Children in Burbank

By sixth grade, 52% of elementary school children experience significant learning loss attributed to consecutive summer breaks in academic and social development. There are devastating consequences for children whose families are unable to access resources to keep them on track academically and socially. As this loss accumulates over time, these children are less likely to graduate high school, attend college, find a job, and learn a living wage. Not surprisingly, they are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other adverse health outcomes.

The Learn, Grow, Thrive Solution

LGT has a proven track record of ensuring that children do not suffer summer learning loss. By working with credentialed teachers and their assistants, students significantly increase their performance levels in math and reading skills. Instead  of falling behind, they catch up on 1.5 to 2 months of coursework. LGT uses a curriculum by BellXcel, an industry leader in creating premier academic youth programs. Participation in LGT can be a game changer for turning summer learning loss into summer learning gain.

Will You Help Change a Child's Life?

LGT needs your help now more than ever.

School closures during COVID-19 Pandemic exacerbated the crisis in learning loss so that now more and more students require our services. Please consider donating to support the education.