The Burbank Community YMCA (the Y) is a leader in providing programs that support youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility for all members of our community. The Y opened its Social Impact Center (the Center) to offer LGBTQIA+ youth and their families a safe space to be themselves unapologetically.

What is the Social Impact Center?

Launched in June of 2021, The Center is a place to hang-out, watch movies, play games, and make friends with other kids who have similar feelings, life experiences, and problems. It creates a safe environment, free of the social pressures, isolation and bullying that sometime comes with being young and different from the norm.

Why Does Burbank Need a Social Impact Center?

While growing up, learning about yourself, making friends, and fitting in can be difficult for any young person, for many LGBTQIA+ youth those challenges are just the beginning. The realization that you are different from the "norm" along with the fear that your family, friends, and the community will reject you for simply being your authentic self can be shattering. In California, approximately 30% of LGBTQIA+ students experience bullying at school and are over 50% more likely to have serious suicidal thoughts or plans than their heterosexual peers. These young people represent 40% of the homeless youth population. The Center's programs were developed to educate, foster acceptance, and build confidence for all members of our community and especially members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Social Impact Center Solution

During its first year, the Center provided more than 350 LGBTQIA+ youth with a place where they could be themselves unapologetically. It offers Drop-In Hours Monday - Friday from 3p-6p, Camp Kaleidoscope, Burbank's first LGBTQIA+ Summer Camp for ages 12-18, an annual Pride Prom, essential resources like food, toiletries, and temporary housing referrals for young people who have been kicked out, and partners with the Burbank Public Library to offer educational and community building panel discussion such as Community Circles, and Fostering Allyship with the LGBTQIA+ Community.

Will You Help Us Build a More Inclusive Community?

Together we can build as stronger more inclusive community for all of our children and youth.

Please make your donation to the Social Impact Center today.