Youth & Government

Empowering the leaders of tomorrow

Y&G is a state-wide, eight-month, hands-on program providing students with the opportunity to act as youth legislators and delegates who must speak out, listen to others, and discuss the issues.

Students attend weekly, evening sessions that focus on developing their own unique leadership style, working in teams, organizing meetings, and analyzing and debating the issues. The program culminates in a trip to the California State legislature, governor’s office, and State Supreme Court where student put their months of learning into practice writing bills, arguing cases, and writing speeches.

Why Y&G is a Gamechanger

The program is more than just a civics lesson. It helps young people find their own voice and gives them the confidence debate the issues, develop critical thinking skills, negotiate compromise, hone persuasive speech and writing skills, and learn project management principles. These skills support a richer, more successful academic and/or future professional life. (Eighty-eight percent of young people who participate in Y&G will complete their BA by the age of twenty-five.)


Will You Help?

No young person is turned away, regardless of their ability to pay. For just $2,260 you can sponsor a student.  You can be the difference.

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